4 Benefits Of Turning Your Pet Photos Into Pet Portraits 

More individuals and families are getting pets nowadays. There are various reasons as to why people opt to have fur babies; however, whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure – you love them. Most often than not, they aren’t just pets – they become your best friend or a part of your family. You don’t merely provide for their needs like food and shelter, but you also want to make them happy by giving treats, playing with them, and getting creative with them.  

Pets have a shorter lifespan than most humans; therefore, it’s important to make memories with them as much as possible. With the help of smartphones, it’s been a lot easier to quickly snap photos of your furry friends and share their cuteness on social media. A globally rising trend is getting pet portraits, but why are people doing it? 

Here are benefits of turning your pet photos into pet portraits:

1. Loving Memorabilia

The most common reason for getting pet portraits done is when owners want to have a loving yet creative memory of their dog or cat when they pass away. It’s more sentimental and valuable than photos on your phone or social media, or even printed pictures in photo albums. By getting a portrait and displaying it in your home, it becomes a continuous reminder of the good times with your furry friend. 

There are different mediums for memorabilia, and here are a few: 

  • Oil & Acrylic – These are more traditional mediums because they result in durable portraits. Many pet studio provides unique and personal portraits of your pets on canvas. 
  • Charcoal – Charcoal is also an option for your portrait if you prefer grayscale, and want a striking contrast instead. 
  • Watercolor – This is an option that you have if you like color with a more colorful and cute vibe in the portrait. 

2. A Creative Outlet

Your pet doesn’t need to be deceased before you decide to get a portrait. That’s certainly not the limitation, as these are also a form of art. Pet portraits can be a channel for your creativity too. If you’re taking better images because you have a better understanding of your camera, there are artsy ways to turn them into pretty painted portraits: 

  • Pet selfie – Does your dog or cat play with you when you have your camera or phone? Turn the lens towards them and get a selfie! 
  • Pet’s perspective – If your dog or cat seems to be staring at something or somewhere, go behind them and capture a photo with an angle of your pet and their perspective. 
  • Play dress up – Pet costumes come in so many kinds, but you can also have DIY ones or watch video tutorials to spend less and ignite your creative juices. 
  • Impersonate you – There has to be something that makes you stand out. Is it a pair of glasses, love for coffee, or a pink bow? Shoot your pet in that signature look and have one of you similarly, and have it made into a diptych painting. 
  • Photo with you – Whether it’s a selfie or a picture someone else takes for you and your pet, there are many creative ways to get both of you in one frame. Imagine spicing that up with a painted portrait. How cools is that? 

3. Unique Home Decor

Once you have unleashed your creativity, pet portraits are also good home decor pieces that can fit into almost every room. 

  • Living room – Especially if it’s a family pet, members of your family surely won’t mind a colorfully painted portrait in the living room. 
  • Kitchen – Did you have one of those photo shoots where your dog or cat is wearing a chef’s hat or a setting with food perhaps? It would be a fun wall art in your kitchen. 
  • Bedroom – When you have a more personal relationship to your pet, you can have its portrait on your bedside table. If you’re away for college, this will definitely bring in good memories in your dorm room to help from homesickness. 

4. A Special Gift

It can be challenging to pick a gift for someone, especially when you think he or she has everything already. If your family member, best friend, or colleague is head to heels in love with their pet, then a pet portrait is undoubtedly a good idea. It’s something unique and personal, and it would certainly be appreciated. If you don’t have personal encounters with their pets, look for photos on their social media account.  

Try to look for a photo during a memorable time – maybe their pet’s birthday, first vet visit, etc. Another option is a happy or fun photo of both the pet and the owner. The gift receiver will surely be moved by your gesture.

Love for Pets 

The pet culture is growing, especially when millennials prefer having siberian husky pets compared to the previous generations. Pet portraits are simple ways of showing how much you love your fur babies. While they aren’t immortal, these portraits can last for a very long time so you can carry on with the good memories that you have with them.