Nanook Siberians

Nanook Siberians, Canada – Quality not Quantity. I acquired my first Siberian Husky in 1983 as a Birthday present. She was a dark red and white show quality female known as Samhain’s Quest For Fire (Amber). Amber showed me that Siberians are very smart and if you don’t keep things fun Siberians can tune you out and become shall I say a bit stubborn. Although I did eventually get 7 points on Amber the show ring it is not how Amber will be remembered. Amber was truly my foundation female, producing 9 champions with multi Best Puppy in Group winners, Group placers and a Best In Show winner.

My Foundation Stud Dog was Multi Best In Show Ch. Shisaido’s Run To Excel Nanook – “Dylan”. Dylan was one of those dog’s you hope every breeder can experience once in their breeding careers. Not only was Dylan a superbly built animal his depth of pedigree enabled him to be a great stud dog as well. Dylan was a joy to own and a gentleman and 15 years later I still have people ask about my beautiful champagne colored dog. Dylan and I experienced the campaign trail together learning the ups and downs of owning and exhibiting a quality animal. I retired Dylan from All Breed Championship Shows Dec ’91 the year he was Canada’s #1 Siberian Husky and #6 Working Dog.

Nanook Siberians has produced a total of 94 champions to date with over 30 of them being BPIG winners and 10 who have gone on to win BPIS awards. On two occasions over the past 30 years I have had the pleasure to campaign as an owner/handler two of my Siberians. “Dylan” finished 1991 as #1 Siberian and #6 Working Dog in Canada. We are proud to have been the Breeder of “Levi”, #1 Dog All Breeds in Malaysia for the year of 2006. My most recent attempt at campaigning saw “Mister” win a total of 10 BIS, 4 RBIS ending 2010 as #1 Siberian, #2 Working dog and #12 All Breed in Canada. To date we have bred or owned 8 different dogs that have gone on to win a total of 24 BIS awards.

Our commitment to the breed does not end with producing dogs that win at a dog show… we ‘strongly’ believe in and do health testing on all of the dogs we use in our breeding program. To view the health clearances that we have had preformed on our dogs over the past 30 years please visit the OFA website.

At Nanook we believe in Quality not Quantity, we believe we are the ‘Caretakers’ of this breed ‘not’ the ‘owners’.