How To Make Your Pet Comfortable At Home When You’re Away 

The responsibility you’ll have when you have pets is basically the same as when you have children. As a pet owner, you have to make sure that your pet is taken care of 24/7—and your responsibility continues even when you’re not at home.  

Making your pet comfortable when you’re not around can be easy. This will not require expensive investments or complicated strategies. To help you out, consider following any (or all) of these tips:

1. Prepare Items To Keep Your Pet Happy When You’re Away

If you have been living with your pet for years, for sure, you already know what items are valuable or important to them. They might love sleeping in one of their best dog beds during daytime or cuddle with their blanket after a walk. No matter what this item is, prepare it before leaving.  

Since pets usually feel scared and uncomfortable whenever their owners are not with them, leaving them with their important items will divert their attention and keep stress at bay. These items can help them feel that they are still in their comfort zone even if they’re left by themselves. 

2. Turn On The TV Or Radio

If you’re going to leave home for only a short time, consider turning on the TV or radio before you step out. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your pets company even when you’re not around. Pets who suffer from separation anxiety can cope faster once they are placed in an environment where positive sounds and visuals are present. Choose channels that don’t show violent movies, or movies that can have sounds that are too loud or visuals that are aggressive.

3. Double Check If Your Pet Has Sufficient Water Before Leaving 

Water is vital to your pets’ body. No matter what their breed is, they need to have a sufficient supply of clean water. Before leaving home, always leave your pets with fresh and clean water. Make it easy for them to access this spot. You can also consider putting in ice cubes in your pets’ water supply. This will ensure that your pets will enjoy cold water hours after you’ve left.  

5. Leave A Piece Of You Behind 

Leaving your pets is hard because you’re going to miss them. This is especially true if you’re already accustomed in bonding with your pet every hour of the day. But just as how you’ll miss your pet, don’t forget that they will feel the same, too.

When you’re gone, they will definitely miss you and wait for you to come back. This is one of the reasons why it’s always a good idea to leave a piece of you behind. You can do this by placing your blanket or shirt near your pets’ bed. Or leave a portrait of you and your pet so your pet gets to still see you.

5. Leave A Treat-Dispensing Toy

Your pets will easily get bored when they’re at home. More often than not, they will spend the day sleeping and waiting for you to return. If you’re looking for ways to keep them comfortable and busy at the same time, leave a treat-dispensing toy. Interactive toys work by giving treats to your pets whenever they accomplish a specific task. This is an easy way of relieving your pets’ boredom while keeping their minds sharp and active. 

If you are leaning towards this direction, it’s best if you scout for toys suitable to the breed and age of your pets. Here are some tips to help you pick out the best treat-dispensing toy for your pet: 

  • Make sure that the treat-dispensing toy is easy to clean. Buying one that requires a lot of time and effort in cleaning can encourage negligence. Over time, this can make the pet-dispensing toy unhygienic, and instead of having positive effects on your pet, a dirty pet-dispensing toy can become the breeding ground of germs, which can make your pet sick. 
  • Look for the materials used in the toy. Only buy one that’s made from durable and high-quality materials. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste money repeatedly buying a pet-dispensing toy. 
  • Look for a toy that provides a challenge that your pet can still accomplish. Your pet won’t play with the toy if it’s too difficult to manage while a toy that is too easy will make them bored in no time.  

It’s Worth It  

Implementing the tips presented in this article might take some effort, but once you see how happy your pets are, you know it will be worth it. Your furry friends will certainly appreciate your efforts of going the extra mile just to keep them comfortable!