Husky Puppies: Everything You Need to Know

Husky puppies are one of those unique breed of dogs that you a spot even from a good distance. With their iconic blue, brown or a mixture of both eyes, and thick fur, they’re irreplaceable in their cuteness. However, before adopting a husky puppy, there are certain things to bear in mind, to ensure their best safety and entertainment, before they become a part of the family.

Alaskan v/s Siberian Husky puppies

Although it is slightly difficult to tell them apart, there are two kinds of huskies — Alaskan and the Siberian. The breed recognition by the AKC is one of the biggest differences between the two breeds. While the Siberian huskies follow strict breed standards, the Alaskan ones are mainly raised as working dogs and do not follow strict breed rules.

Sometimes, the Alaskan huskies are mixed with the Malamutes or other breeds, hence they’re bigger. The Siberian ones have a comparably smaller stature, and they’re considered as the official breed from the American kennel Club. They were originally brought to Alaska as racing dogs in 1909.



  • Size: Huskies are generally medium — not too big and not too small. The males weight up to 60 pounds (ca. 27 kg) with a height of 21-23.5 inches (0.6 m). Females are comparatively smaller weighing 35-50 pounds (ca. 23 kg) with a height of 22 inches (0.56 m).
  • Temperament: Huskies are generally unique from other dog breeds. They are extremely smart and mischievous, with a fun-loving character. Hence, they’re not often considered as watch dogs. They get along well with children and family members as well.
  • Training: Huskies are socially friendly breeds, which mean they get along well with both humans and animals. Hence, they’re their discipline and grooming should be taken care of in the early stages of their training.
  • Grooming: Huskies as puppies or adults, are generally self-cleaning animals which means they only need bath a few times a year. However, combing their underlying fur with a metal or wooden comb helps keep their skin and fur clean until the next bath.
  • Breeding: Like mentioned above, they’re a healthy breed but special attention should be provided t their nails. If not cut regularly, it can be irritating for them and also develop foot problems in the long run.

 Adopting a puppy


Adopting or owning a husky puppy is simple in any country, and there are dedicated online as well as offline services to help find the best puppy for the owner. But before doing so, it is important to be aware of what the owner is getting into. Since they’re socially friendly animals, they require attention and leaving them alone for too long can cause long-term antisocial behaviors in them.

Since they’re lively and family breed, having a backyard or a fenced ground can help them in their mood and retain their traits and characters. Husky puppies love to roam around the house or the backyard. It is also important for you to take charge and be the leader of the pack as they have to be leased and learned to walk beside you in the early stages.